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Group Exhibition
Fundamental Rhythms 기초리듬 

Davide Macullo Architects, One O One Architects, ar3, rohwajeong, Ah-Bin Shim

2020. 1. 8. Wed ~ 2. 22. Sat
Opening & Artist's Talk 1. 8. Wed. 5pm
@ 소전서림 Sojeonseolim
by Sojeonseolim 소전서림
: Toilet signage design for common, men & women WC
2019. 10.
Art Fair
Union Art Fair

2019. 9. 20. Fri ~ 29. Sun
Opening 9. 20. Fri. 5pm
@ S Factory, Seoul
Artist Talk
Monday Salon  월요살롱
2019. 4. 1. Mon. 3pm
@ Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

Group Exhibition

2019. 1. 9. Wed ~ 2. 10. Sun
Opening 1. 9. Wed. 6pm
@ Thomas Park Gallery, New York

Thomas Park’s new exhibition, Zentrified!, curated by Ken Johnson, presents the work of 10 artists: 
Gail Fitzgerald, Al Freeman, Tom Friedman, Matt Hoyt, Carl Ostendarp, Nathaniel Robinson, 
Ah-Bin Shim, Christina Tenaglia, Alice Tippit and Alexi Worth
These works are not merely formal ideas; they are the state of mind, the style of thinking which is both zen and humorous. 
They use their means minimally, a methodology of subtracting and emptying rather than adding and filling, while expanding 
the dimensions we reside in. Big paradoxes and the absurdities of life are keenly alive in these works, which will make us laugh
and eventually change ourselves. 

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