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너와 나  |  You & I
2013, video installation (silent), mirror, monitor
mirror: 14.8×22.8cm, monitor: 14.8×22.8×3cm, video duration: approx. 3min, loop
너와 나  |  You & I
2012, video installation (silent), mirror, monitor
mirror: 18.5×27.3cm, monitor: 18.5×27.3×2.6cm, video duration: approx. 6min, loop
앞을 향해 뒤를 보여주는 TV  |  TV Facing Forward with Back Showing
2013, video installation (silent), monitor, DVD player
monitor: 25×26×30cm
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어느 날 밤, 거실에 우두커니 앉아 있는 TV를 유심히 보게 되었다.
앞을 향해 앉아 수많은 이미지를 보여주는 TV.
전원을 끄면 허상은 사라지고 TV 본연의 모습이 드러나지만 그것을 관심 있게 보는 집안 식구들은 없는 듯 했다. 
은근히 측은한 마음이 들었다. 
늘 앞을 향해 앉아 있는 TV. 
좀처럼 그의 뒷모습은 볼 수가 없다. 
그의 화면을 통해 단 하나의 이미지—감춰져야만 했던 그의 뒷모습을 보여주고 싶었다.

One night, I looked at TV that sits in the living room at home.
In general, TV shows countless images through its front.
When TV's turned off, all the images disappear and the actual appearance of TV is revealed
but no one seems to be interested in it. I felt sort of pity. 
TV always faces forward so we hardly see its back. 
I wanted to show the hidden look of TV through its own front body, the screen.
타이틀 작업, 그룹전 <직선화법>  |  갤러리 플래닛  |  서울  |  2013. 9. 26 ~ 10. 25
Title work for group exhibition Art of Straight Lines  |  Gallery Planet  |  Seoul
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