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"What does it mean to be something?"

What I learned from coming here is that the process of turning seawater into salt was quite simple.
When purified seawater is placed on a flat floor of a salt farm and left as it is, the seawater is evaporated
by the solar heat and wind, leaving tiny crystals. Those crystals are what we know as salt. In other words,
seawater becomes salt by the sun and wind. In this beautifully simple principle, I thought about
'becoming ourselves'. Same as being born, like the passing of time, like being ripe for something,
like dying. I wanted to express a specific principle of becoming someone we are.
되기  Becoming
pencil and acrylic on wooden box
dimensions variable
"있기도 하고 없기도 한 길, 노둣길"

‘노둣길’은 오래전에 섬사람들이 섬과 섬 또는 육지와의 연결을 위해 돌을 쌓아 만든 길이라고 한다.
지금은 도로화가 되었지만 여전히 높이가 낮기 때문에 밀물 때는 물에 잠기고, 썰물 때는 모습이 드러나
이때에만 길을 건널 수 있다. 급변하는 현대화 시대에 아직도 이런 길이 존재한다는 것이
신기하기도 했고, 자연의 순리를 따른다는 면에서는 뭔가 숙연해지기까지 했다.
이러한 노둣길의 존재는 내게 강한 인상을 남겼다. 나는 작품을 불연속적으로 이어진 길처럼 만들어
노둣길을 조금이라도 형상화해보고 싶었다.
"Road that exists and does not exist, No-dut-gil"

The ʻNo-dut-gil’ is said to be a stepping stone bridge built by islanders a long time ago by stacking
stones to connect the island to another island or the island to the mainland. Although it has been
turned into a road now, its height is still low. The bridge is submerged in the water at high tide
and is only visible at low tide when one can cross the road. It was amazing that such a road still
exists in today’s rapidly changing era, and it was even reverential in terms of following the laws
of nature. The existence of such a road left a strong impression on me. I wanted to embody the
shape of a discontinuous road of the no-dut-gil in my work.
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