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당신을 보는 게 아닙니다.  |  I Am Not Watching You
2015, video installation (silent), surveillance camera, mirror shelf, monitor
dimensions variable
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선반 위 카메라는 거울을 마주하고 앉아 스스로를 비추고 있다.
거울에 비친 카메라 렌즈의 모습은 모니터를 통해 생중계된다.

Screens and lenses offer us a peek-hole through which we observe other people and the wider world.
Our eyes are busy watching and scrutinising but we rarely take time to look at ourselves, to observe our inner being.
Here the camera enjoys a meditation, taking time out from monitoring others to focus on oneself.
세상의 시작과 끝  |  The Beginning and the End of the World
2015, mirror, wood, steel
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끝은 미스터리이다.
거울 속에 드리워진 나무판의 끝은 눈으로는 볼 수 있지만 손으로는 닿을 수 없다.
거울을 통해서 관람객은 바닥을 딪고 서있는 자신의 발 역시 보게 된다.
우리가 서있는 곳은 우리가 돌아갈 – 생이 끝나는 곳이기도 하다.

A piece of wood starts from where we stand and it ends there too, as a reflection.
End is always a mystery, like a rainbow. As we chase the end of the rainbow it gets further away.
The end of the wood is in view but never in reach. We see our feet planted on the ground in reality
where we stand, and also in the reflection – depicting that where we stand is where we end – the ground.
하루의 일과  |  A Work of A Day
2015, video installation (silent), mini video projector, rope
dimensions variable
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