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"Two enormous circles"

The sunrises and sunsets in Jeungdo Island are far more dramatic than those seen in the city.
When a magnificent scene unfolds by the light of the sun, it makes you wonder how grand a day is.
Furthermore, the high and low tide, which can be seen twice a day, make you realize the power of
the moon that attracts the Earth. To understand the “push and pull” of this Earth and the moon,
we need to expand our thoughts and perspectives beyond the Earth and into space.
The sun and the moon, two giant circles appear alternately to make a day. With each passing day,
the seawater becomes salt, and we each become ourselves.

큰 질문  The Big Question
2021, acrylic on canvas, steel, clock
canvas: 40.9×31.8×5cm, overall: 59.7×31.8×5cm
Do you have the time?
거리 속력 시간  |  Distance Speed Time 
2021, acrylic on canvas
40.9×31.8cm each (total 3 pieces)
탄생  |  Birth
2013, acrylic on canvas, ball
24.2×33.4cm each (total 6 pieces)
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